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Dr Rasekhi is committed to protecting the privacy of patient information. We are required by law to protect personal information and comply with the Health record Act 2001 (HRA) and other relevant legislation relating to confidentiality and privacy. We protect privacy by keeping personal information secure from unauthorised access, use or loss. 

What information is collected?

We collect information such as your name, address and contact details as well as information about your health problems and treatment you may receive. Your medical record is updated with new information every time you attend the practice.

With your prior consent we may also take photos or videos of you at the time of registration, during examination or your procedure for future reference, recognition, medical reasons or giving information to you regarding your condition. These photos or information are securely protected and is not released to a third party without your permission.

Why information is collected and how is it used?

Collection of information is important as it helps us to plan and provide you with the best possible treatment and care. We only collect personal health information necessary to provide the best care for you. Please let us know or contact us when your details, such as your address, telephone or local doctor, change.

What happens to information?

With your consent, Dr Rasekhi provides your local doctor with a summary of any treatment you have received, your medication requirements and any special instructions that the doctor may need to be aware of. Dr Rasekhi normally writes a letter, fax or electronically transfers this information to your doctor. 

Hospitals or Health professionals that you visit may contact Dr Rasekhi to obtain information about you so that they can provide treatment for you.  We would ask for your written consent before we release information to them.  In an emergency situation however, we will release information to facilitate your care.

In some circumstances Dr Rasekhi is required by law to release information. Some details about people who have specific conditions (for example, some infectious diseases and types of cancer) must be reported to databases or registers maintained securely by the Department of Health or other health care bodies. Information may also be provided to a court or tribunal when subpoenaed.

We may also be required to contact Medicare, your Private Health Insurance Company to verify your eligibility for care.

Please if you have any question or concern do not hesitate to contact us.
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